Camera Projection
Boot Camp

Complete, in depth Camera Projection training. Essential training for Environment Artists and Matte Painters.

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The Gnomon Workshop offers some of the best Visual Effects training available. Head over to get this course.

Gnomon Workshop

Advanced Matte
Painting Techniques

Matte Painting
Color Workflow

Learn a Matte Painter's Color Workflow for Feature Film.
Color Space, File Formats, Bit Depth and Look Up Tables.

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Matte Painting
Shot Work

Advanced technical and artistic problem solving training for Matte Painting shot work.

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Matte Painting
Core Concepts

This free course is for people wanting to more about Matte Painting and Environments for Feature Film

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Matte Painting
Assets for Cityscapes

Learn how to make the great looking, cheap assets for Matte Painted Cityscapes.

Matte Painting for Filmmakers is a niche training resource for Production Companies, VFX Houses, Film Professionals and Aspiring Matte Painting and Environment Artists. This site's purpose is to train Artists so film productions can benefit from the speed, efficiency and cost saving that a time proven Matte Painting Methodology can offer.
The Matte Painting for Filmmakers Project would like to present a recording of the Live Webinar with MP4FM's own Founder and Instructor Garrett Fry. Garrett Fry is MPC's 3DDMP Academy Traine...
​To break into 3D Digital Matte Painting you need to know what to put on a demo reel. Why? Simply because a demo reel will determine whether or not you get a job. Wh...
Matte Painting is one of the most exciting and glamorous jobs in Visual Effects. It is also one of the hardest jobs to break into. Here is a strange conundrum for you to chew on: Visual Effects C...
​Very exciting news! GLYPH Software is offering an exclusive 20% discount on their popular Maya plugin, The Mattepainting Toolkit (gs_mptk) to subscribers of the Camera Projection Boot Camp.The Mattep...
Matte Painted Environments for "On Set Visualization" is one of most innovative areas Matte Painting is headed. Matte Painting offers a tight integration from Concept Art to On Set Visualization to Fi...
I was asked by the Foundry to do a guest video on their YouTube Channel. I go over the basic steps of incorporating photogrammetry into a Matte Painting workflow. Because Matte Painters are "Gene...
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